Established on 9th December 2018, the Jannayak Janta Party, shortened as, “JJP” is an Indian state-level ideological party in Haryana formed by the current Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana, Dushyant Chautala with the philosophy of Devi Lal, who filled in as Deputy Prime Minister of India. In light of the philosophy of Jat fortitude and Socialism, JJP is extremely solid and mainstream in certain pieces of the state.

The formation of the mighty party was officially announced in the rally which was organized in Jind in December 2018 by Dushyant Chautala who held a seat in the Lok Sabha of the National Parliament of India, from when he was an INLD party part.

JJP – the name is clearly given in the honor of Tau Devi Lal Ji whose followers and supporters in Haryana refer to him as “Jan Nayak”. Following his footsteps, Dushyant Chautala is working on the same principles as of his Great Grandfather by working primarily for agriculture, education, and employment! He clearly claimed that the party was standing for the values that INLD had abandoned which makes it stand out and idolized.

Coming to the party’s symbolism which also contains a deep meaning, JJP opted for a flag that is principally green in color, with a portion in light yellow with the representation of Tau Devi Lal Ji as Yuva Urja! Apart from this, Key is the election symbol that got approved in 2019!

The party has grown to be one of the strongest and powerful state parties in India which has achieved a lot in these two working years and miles to go in the coming ones!!

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