Developmental Policies in Haryana

Haryana Government has taken its first step towards making ‘Panchayat Land Lease Policy’. Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala gave vital instructions to the designated officers for the generative working of this new policy.
The main motive of the Haryana Government is to lead in the direction of making the Panchayats such financially empowered, that, it will help the industries thrive along with improving the incomes of the Panchayats.
Dushyant Chautala further headed a meeting consisting of senior officials of Development, Panchayat, Industries, and Commerce Department. In the meeting, he led the officeholders of several departments like Development and Panchayat; Industries and Commerce, to compose such a Panchayat Land Lease Policy so that leasing out panchayat land could forge significant earnings.
This obtained income derived by the new policy will successfully lead to the ultimate development in the village.
Further, if various industries are set up on Panchayati land in towns or villages, infinite employment opportunities will also be available for the local youth which would be a win-win situation.
The Deputy Chief Minister conveyed that through this new policy, the state government desires to facilitate advanced industrialization in Haryana. He further expressed that it is the ongoing efforts of the state government to set up industries on the bare and non-agricultural land in villages to emanate more and more employment for the youth, that too near them. The merit of this system is that, not only the industrialists will get the required workers easily, but also the most opted practice of migration towards bigger cities will also be stopped.

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