Celebrations of the 19th INSO Foundation Day of Jannayak Janata Party started with a bang when Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala started the event by raising the flag outside the university. Digvijay Singh Chautala, the former national president of INSO arrived at the venue at 12 pm and paved his way to the MDU auditorium. After the arrival of Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala on the stage, he was asked to light the oil lamp in front of the goddess Saraswati.

Today, the most respected, Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala, the founder of the Indian National Students Organization, declared Pradeep Deshwal as the new National President of INSO, which became the most significant moment of the event. Earlier Pradeep Deshwal was the state president of the esteemed organization.

Pradeep Deshwal, while giving the speech in honor, quoted working in INSO as a voluntary responsibility of every person. He spoke about the greatness of Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala and how he always taught to fight for the rights of the students and colleges. He talked about his personal life; belonging to a farmer’s family with just 2 acres of land,  no political background, and no prior experience in the field. He said that even though I had no political dreams, Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala gave me and many other youths, the strength to fight the Lok Sabha Elections. When his eight minutes speech came to end, he hooted for Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala, Digvijay Chautala, and Tau Devi Lal Ji.


Then the host gave an astounding introduction to Digvijay Chautala to call him on the stage that in absence of Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala when the students were worried about the future of the INSO, Digvijay Chautala came in light and took INSO to heights.

Digvijay Chautala started his 23 minutes long speech by bowing down to Dr. BR Ambedkar and Swami Vivekanand. He talked about how COVID affected the ongoing political activities of the organization. But then he was also proud to tell that the INSO team provided thousands of beds and other essential facilities to lots of students and people when there was a major shortage in the Tricity. He expressed his immense happiness to have his father present at the event today. According to him, back in 2013, Dr. Ajay Singh Chautala set standards for the organization and today also he has given an entirely new direction to the INSO. He mentioned about the hunger strikes done with and for the students which paid off successfully. He further told with pride that the 75% Private Quota Bill which is been approved by the Cabinet by the proposal of Dushyant Chautala, was originally the idea that emerged from INSO. After expressing gratitude to lots of senior leaders and INSO members, he wrapped up his speech. The speech stole the show due to its richness in knowledge.

The host announced that the 19th INSO foundation day is being celebrated as a cultural event. After Digvijay Chautala’s speech, Haryana’s renowned singer Fazilpuria’s arrival was announced. Before starting his performance, he thanked the INSO team for inviting him and he told the audience that performing in Rohtak was his long-time dream. Punjabi music industry sensation Ninja was also invited to perform at the event. Both the singers became the center of attraction with their spectacular performances.

The enormous gathering of the public and the prominent announcements addressed in the auditorium, made the event a big hit! This was one of the events of the Jannayak Janta Party which would be remembered all the time. And with this, INSO is now all set to begin its new journey with a revived energy. It indeed was a historic 19th Foundation Day at MDU, Rohtak, Haryana.

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