The Haryana assembly elections 2019 proved to be a flop show for both Bharatiya Janata Party as well as the Congress but for Jannayak Janata Party it was the first stair to success!
Where the two national prominent parties of India couldn’t reach the halfway mark in the elections, the Jannayak Janta Party was set to arouse as the kingmaker in this assembly election after winning a total of 10 seats in the 90-member Haryana Assembly.

No one could have imagined JJP, which is an offspring of the former chief minister Om Prakash Chautala’s party INLD would do wonders in its debut elections by getting an immense amount of support from the Jatt Vote Bank originally belonging to the Indian National Lok Dal. This was a clear sign of people shifting from INLD to the newly formed JJP. In the 2014 Haryana assembly elections, the former party won a total of 18 seats while this time, it was leading in only 1 seat.

The reason for the people to be so decisive about their changing voting pattern was the continuous fall of non agrarian employment opportunities and the demand for reservations in government jobs. In February 2016, the Jatt people actively participated in an aggressive movement in Haryana for getting approval for the reservation system but it failed and only resulted in deaths and injuries of more than 200 people. The rising unemployment made the people pissed off by the existing government and they wanted a party that could relate to them and understands their problem.

That is when the newly formed Jannayak Janata Party which follows the principles and continues the legacy of Chaudhary Devi Lal Ji who filled in the position for the former Deputy Prime Minister of India came up with a promise of providing 75 percent reservation for the locals in the industries set up in the state and various other schemes for the youths and the elderly.

However, parties like Congress too claimed similar promises but looked like people had already made their choice. And in this way, a party that functioned just for a year emerged as the Kingmaker for Bharatiya Janata Party which fell short of the majority votes in the state.

However, for Dushyant Chautala, the decision to join hands with BJP or Congress was not that easy. He was stubborn about merging with that party only which matched his ideologies. After having constant talks and certain agreements with the BJP, he chose his future ally.

This time, people wanted change which made JJP the Kingmaker!

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